EN Fire Duct Services

As Ireland’s leading HVAC contractor, SR Ventilation Ltd is accredited to the highest European Standards. Our fire ductwork has been tested and receive the latest EN Fire Rated Certification.

Fire ducts re used in multiple ventilation systems including:


  • Smoke Extractors

  • Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation

  • Car Park Extract Systems

  • Basement Venation Systems

  • Ventilation in Escape Routes Covering Stairways, Lobbies & Corridors

  • Any Situation Where a Fire Protection Requirement Exits

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EN Fire Rated Ductwork

EN Fire Rated Ductwork is the result of 10 years of research and development, produced in an ISO9001 quality control management environment, and installed by certified installers. The old standard of BS476 has been superseded as of July 2013 and has been replaced by the new European Standard EN 12101-7 for smoke extract and EN 15871 for fire ductwork, kitchen extract and pressurisation. Our ducting has been tested to the latest EN standards and as required by law provide CE marking on products where a harmonised standard exists.

The test specifies the required components measured under prescribed conditions or periods of exposure to fire. The system is tested as a whole and all components of the system are tested to ensure they all comply with the fire rating achieved and ultimately the classification declared. Components included in the test are:


  • Penetration Seals

  • Access Doors

  • Insulation

  • Integrity

  • Leakage

  • Cross Sectional Area

  • Test Pressure